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Bookeeping, social, tax and legal assistance

Bookeeping assistance:

  • Full Accounting entry from A to Z.
  • Accounting Transaction entries based on invoices and all documents communicated by the company and balance accounts justification on timely basis.
  • Bookeeping assistance through bookkeeping and monthly establishment of financial statements to be communicated at least the 15th of the following month;
  • Preparation of annual financial statements.

Tax and social assistance:

  • Tax assistance through monthly preparation of tax declaration (VAT, Withholding tax, TFP, etc.),
  • Quarterly and annual declarations (IRPP and IS).
  • Establishment of quarterly clearance PO statements issued by fully exporting companies;
  • Establishment of quarterly sales clearance statements related to sales with VAT suspension.
  • Establishment of employee pay and delivery of pay slips;
  • Establishment and filing of social declarations at the national social security fund (CNSS);
  • Tax advice: tax optimization, financial rebates..etc.
  • Social assistance through monitoring employment contracts with employment offices as well as establishing CNSS affiliations for companies and their employees.

Legal assistance:

  • Establishment of ally type of working contracts: CDD / CDI / CIVP / KARAMA……;
  • Establishment of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings minutes;
  • Management of the relationship with the National Business Register - RNE (Filing of financial statements, Minutes, legal transformations, etc...).

Legal assistance

Assistance fiscale et sociale

Assistance juridique