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Companies creation and business development

You have an idea, a dream in entrepreneurship? you want to be guided and advised in the essential stages of your project? our will is your success. We are concerned about the sustainability of your business with real long-term management. We offer support and advise you in the various stages of setting up your project according to your needs.

Bookeeping, social, tax and legal assistance

Bookeeping assistance:

  • Full Accounting entry from A to Z.
  • Accounting Transaction entries based on invoices and all documents communicated by the company and balance accounts justification on timely basis.
  • Bookeeping assistance through bookkeeping and monthly establishment of financial statements to be communicated at least the 15th of the following month;
  • Preparation of annual financial statements.

Tax and social assistance:

  • Tax assistance through monthly preparation of tax declaration (VAT, Withholding tax, TFP, etc.),
  • Quarterly and annual declarations (IRPP and IS).
  • Establishment of quarterly clearance PO statements issued by fully exporting companies;
  • Establishment of quarterly sales clearance statements related to sales with VAT suspension.
  • Establishment of employee pay and delivery of pay slips;
  • Establishment and filing of social declarations at the national social security fund (CNSS);
  • Tax advice: tax optimization, financial rebates..etc.
  • Social assistance through monitoring employment contracts with employment offices as well as establishing CNSS affiliations for companies and their employees.

Legal assistance:

  • Establishment of ally type of working contracts: CDD / CDI / CIVP / KARAMA……;
  • Establishment of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings minutes;
  • Management of the relationship with the National Business Register - RNE (Filing of financial statements, Minutes, legal transformations, etc...).

Outsourcing and support

  • Physical inventory of fixed assets or stocks.
  • Establishment of guide and manuals of organizational procedure.
  • Establishment of Accouting manuals. Outsourcing of payroll as well as employees social management (employees contrats, pay slips, social declaration, tax declaration...).
  • Any other type of outsourcing (total or partial subcontracting, making resources on behalf of our clients), supporting companies in specific and special missions (cash inventory, physical inventory of assets or stock, activities reorganization...).



Do you need funds to launch a new activity with significant investments or to develop your business?

2AS can help you to consider non-bank external financing from investors as part of a fundraiser.

Convincing investors to participate in the financing of your project cannot be improvised.

Our firm 2AS being a specialist in fundraising, ensures within the framework of fundraising the following approach:

  • First of all, 2AS ensure through its large network of partners "clients and investment funds" with who 2AS has collaborated for years, the appropriate funder for your project and who best responds to your financing through the best financial conditions.
  • Subsequently, preparation is necessary to present your project and seduce. 2AS ensures, in this context, optimal support for its clients and prepares beforehand a presentation which is formalized by:
    • The executive summary highlighting the presentation of the company, its activities, its flagship products ... etc;
    • The business plan, which is a detailed presentation of the project with tables of financial statements based on reliable assumptions. Several formats can be combined (PowerPoint, video, elevator pitch).
    • Finally, challenging the BP with the investment fund and once validated, proceed to the negotiation of the entry and exit conditions of the donors and which are agreed and fixed from the start and before funds release.
  • 2AS allows you to make people want to follow you in your idea and allows you to avoid the classic traps to enhance the attractiveness of your project, such as significantly increasing sales volumes and turnover.

Audit & statutory audit