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Financial management :

  • Financial ratios analysis, financial structure…
  • Financial management and profitability of invested capitalanalysis.
  • Cost pricesAnalysis.
  • Breakeven point analysis
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Projectsprofitability analysis.
  • Business plan.

General management:

  • Establishment of a budget control system.
  • Design of dashboard and steering status.
  • Establishment of cost accounting system.
  • Assistance in the prevention and treatment of the company's difficulties

Relations with banking and financial organizations:

  • Establishment of financing plans
  • Choice of financing methods and establishment of credit files

Advice on strategies and organization

  • Support and advice on organzational and devloppment strategies.
  • IT Assistance (PMO, AMOA, MOD, SDSI..)
  • BPR and Risk management.
  • Human resources development.